Whirlpool-3.9 cu ft. White Top Load Washing Machine with Soaking – Cycles


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No matter what wash you choose, with the water level selector, you can choose auto-sensing to adjust the water level based on load size, or the ‘deep water wash’ option to use more water to dissolve loose dirt. Protect fabrics from snagging with this stainless steel laundry basket that gently guides clothes as they wash. Make room for large loads and keep clothes in good condition with this specially designed smooth impeller that offers more capacity. (Compared to an agitator washer.) Get the extra space you need to wash bulky items with this 3.9 cu. ft. capacity washing machine. Skip a trip to the laundry room with soak cycles that start washing whites and coloreds as soon as they finish soaking. Throw last-minute clothes in the laundry with the late lid latch. Wash a small, lightly soiled load in just 30 minutes with an increased spin speed to remove more water, so clothes spend less time in the dryer. (Based on a 3 lb load.) Keep your whites looking their bost with a program that deep cleans while gently conditioning your clothes. Care for colored fabrics with a program that uses cold water to ensure optimal fabric care. The Bulky/Laken cycle takes care of bedding as well as bulky winter jackets. Clean your delicate items with an intermittent wash and slow spin speed to provide everything you expect from gentle fabric care. Ensure dirty loads get the care they need with an extra rinse to wash away any lingering dirt or detergent. Designed, engineered and .
Jacuzzi 3.9cu. ft. White top-loading washing machine with soak cycles


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