Southwire 250 ft. 14/2 Solid Romex SIMpull CU NM-B W/G Wire


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Type NM-B (non-metallic sheathed cable) can be used for both overt and concealed work in normally dry locations at temperatures not exceeding 90??C (with a current carrying capacity limited to that for 60??C conductors) as specified in the National Electrical Code 1. NM-B cable is used primarily in residential wiring as branch circuits for receptacles, switches and other loads. The NM-B cable can be run in air pockets in masonry block or brick walls where those walls are not exposed to excessive moisture or moisture. The nominal voltage for the NM-B cable is 600 volts.

* Copper conductors are annealed (soft) copper, UL Listed
* Cable is available in a variety of colors, lengths and gauges
* NM-B has 2-conductors, 3-conductors and 4-conductors and available with 2-neutrals, construction designed for easier pulling
* Unique (SlikQuik infused membrane) jacket construction allows for 50% reduction in pulling force resulting in easier installation


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