Schumacher Electric 12V 200A Manual Engine Starter Battery Charger


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The Schumacher Electric SC1565 6/40/200-Amp 12-Volt Manual Wheel Charger is a heavy-duty wheel charger that’s unbeatable for starting, charging and heavy-duty engine use. It’s powerful enough to start SUVs and trucks and can charge dead batteries down to zero volts. Manual operation with a 135-minute timer gives you precise control over the charging process. Compact wheels and retractable handle allow for easy storage.
* 200A motor start/40A boost/6A charge
* Manual operation – must be monitored
* 135-minute timer – for precise control of the charging process
* Easy-to-read gauge – shows charge level
* 8 gauge output cord – stay flexible in cold weather
* Color coded clips – for a solid connection to top and side mount battery posts
* clamps in front
* Sturdy steel body and retractable handle
* Compact wheels for easy storage
* 12 ft total range – 6 ft power cord and 6 ft front mounted output cords
* Meets the highest industry standards for energy efficiency


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