Raptor Grilling – Optimized Portable Charcoal Barbecue Grill for Camping, Tailgating & Travel ?C RED



CATCH THE INFLATION WITH MONEY-SAVING EFFICIENCY: The increased efficiency also allows you to pack light with this innovative portable charcoal grill and smoker for extended camping or outdoor travel. CLEAN HANDS TECHNOLOGY: The Raptor’s clean handles on the grate and charcoal basket, as well as the integrated stand on the lid handles, allow you to clean, light and prepare your meals with ease. You don’t have to touch the ash or charcoal, even if you relight your grill with a charcoal lighter. FAST COOL DOWN: An exclusive sealed lid and tight tolerance air valves allow you to find the perfect grilling temperature and provide industry leading cool down, making the Raptor the bost portable table top grill for tailgate, travel and road trip campfire grills. VERSATILE COOKER: The Raptor Portable Charcoal Grill features a large 18″ x 13″ chrome-plated steel grate that offers a large 230 square inch outdoor cooking surface that’s more efficient than a kettle grill, yet compact enough to take anywhere and grill up Steak or smoked ribs.*

Raptor Grilling’s patented design enables several unique features:

— Money saving efficiency saves charcoal
— Clean hands operation
— Large cooking surface in a compact, portable design
— Rapid cool down ideal for travel, tailgating, and camping
— High quality construction for long life of the grill
— Cool touch air valves allows for improved temperature regulation


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