LEM-Big Bite Motorized Sausage Stuffer 30 lbs


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Make all your favorite sausages any time of the year with this incredibly easy-to-use sausage stuffer from LEM Products! Why buy from the store when you can prepare delicious homemade sausage with unique, individual flavors in your own kitchen?

With a powerful electric motor with up to 0.044 hp, you can make fantastic sausages in no time at all. This sausage stuffer comes with four different sized stuffing tubes to help you make a variety of different sized sausages. The body, base, and cylinder are all made of durable, food-grade stainless steel to last and prevent erosion and rust! The barrel is easily detachable, making refilling quick and easy, and this fountain pen features a foot pedal for operation so you can keep your hands free.

Whatever sausage you like, make it quick and easy with this powerhouse from LEM!


About LEM:

LEM Products stocks over 800 different products designed to simplify the process of processing, preparing and preserving all of your favorite foods! They specialize in manufacturing meat-processing equipment – whether store-bought, wild, or harvested from the family farm. Whether it’s making delicious homemade jerky, ground beef, or even sausage, LEM wants to please.


Features of the LEM-Big Bite Motorized Sausage Filler:

Includes: four stuffing tubes for different sausage sizes, detachable cylinder for easy refilling, and a foot switch to free your hands
* Length: 11.5″
* Width: 7.5″
* Height: 19.5″
* Weight: 28.75 pounds.
* Durable food grade stainless steel body, base and barrel
* Food grade plastic flask
* Food grade stainless steel stuffing tubes
* Precision steel gears in optimized translation
* 33 watts
* 0.044 hp
* 120V/60Hz
* Full load current: 0.8a
* Rated speed: 50 rpm
* 60″ power cord
* Footswitch Cable: 76″
* DC motor
* ETL certified
* 2 year manufacturer guarantee


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