Gen8 V2 International Scout II 1/10 Scale Rock Crawler Scale Truck, Green, GEN8-V2-GREEN



The Gen8 V2 International Scout II is Redcat’s first vehicle designed and developed entirely in-house in the United States. Gen8 V2 quickly took the RC market by storm. A quick search reveals its incredible acceptance within the large RC crawler community. With its amazing out-of-the-box performance, the Gen8 V2 appeals to the RTR enthusiasts and custom build community. The Gen8 V2 International Scout II is a competitive professional grade climbing bike with many performance features such as: C-slot frame rails, low center of gravity battery tray, mid-mount split transfer case, lockable skid shoes, clutch, portal shaft with metal gear cover, MOD-1 gearing, machined aluminum spool , front CVA, 32 rubber sealed ball bearings, threaded aluminum shocks, 47o steering block with appropriate Ackerman, panhard bar, LED capable bumper, winch capable front bumper and floor for frame mounting Gen8 features a highly detailed, fully licensed International Scout II Bodywork, a hard plastic grille, plastic folding mirrors, molded inner and outer fenders, Velcro front bumper mounts, a receiver hook-ready rear bumper, and plastic rock sliders. The body and bumper of the Gen8 V2 are ready for LED lights. True-to-scale licensed Interco IROK Super Swamper tires and functional beadlock wheels let the Gen8 V2 traverse the toughest terrain. Each wheel uses inner and outer beadlock rims for maximum strength and tire support. Portal axles provide greater ground clearance without the need for larger tires. With the GEN8 V2, most of the reduction occurs within the portal axles, meaning the chassis has less torque than traditional half-shaft drive rock crawlers. Thrusters offer 54.5mm of ground clearance and include metal gear covers, metal wheel hexes and CNC machined spools. The innovative dual design slipper clutch allows the rider to adjust or completely lock out the slipper clutch. Locking the slipper clutch is as simple as removing the slipper pad and spring and reassembling. The GEN8 V2 includes a 32P spur gear and Mod 1 gears in the transmission, transfer case and portal axles. The Gen8 V2’s oversized gearbox and transfer case feature large Mod 1 gears designed for hardcore crawling in the toughest conditions. Sealed pinions and spur gears protect gears from rocks and debris. Adapt your transmission to most engines and driving styles by simply adding a 9T to 23T pinion gear for a gear ratio of 28.12 to 71.85. The Redcat Racing GEN8 V2 features a front-mounted electric motor, split transfer case and 32 rubber sealed bearings throughout the vehicle. The Redcat Racing GEN8 V2 conquers all types of terrain with ease. The standard configuration gives users a ground clearance of 73.4mm, an approach angle of 61 degrees and a departure angle of 39.5 degrees. Fully adjustable wheelbase, adjustable ride height, adjustable toe angle, multiple shock positions, adjustable approach and departure angle, adjustable suspension and lockable adjustable slipper clutch to ensure drivers get the bost performance from the Gen8 in all track conditions. The Gen8 V2 International Scout II is highly upgradeable, with many upgrade parts available, including an extensive collection of 3D printed parts available for download from our engineers. The Redcat Racing International Scout II is an excellent choice for any professional climber looking for a high-performance professional climber with unlimited potential.
* Adjustable wheel base, Adjustable ride height, Adjustable toe angle, Multiple shock positions, Adjustable approach and departure angle, Tunable suspension, Lockable adjustable slipper clutch, Many upgraded parts available, Many 3D printable parts available.
* 17T 550 brushed motor, Waterproof crawler ESC, Hexfly waterproof steering servo, 2.4GHz radio system.
* Portal axles, Divorced transfer case, High strength 1.5mm C-Channel chassis rails, 4-Link suspension, Aluminum threaded shocks, Functional 1.9 beadlock wheels, CNC machined spools, Metal wheel hexes, Rubber sealed ball bearings throughout, 47o precision steering, Panhard bar, Front mounted motor.
* Licensed International Harvester Scout II body, Hard plastic grill, LED ready body and bumpers, Plastic folding mirrors, Molded inner and outer fenders, Licensed Interco Super Swamper tires, Shackle mount bumpers (LED ready), Plastic rock sliders



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