Gas Wall Heater, Propane, Top Vent Vent Type, Gravity Convection


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Williams Forsaire wall ovens require less than a square foot for installation and can be surface mounted or recessed into stud slots for even more space savings. Just place it where you want it and ventilate vertically through the ceiling and roof. Whether recessed into a wall or surface mounted, the soft white powder coat finish provides a free-standing, durable finish that will complement any home decor.
* Vent Limit Safety Switch
The vent limit safety switch is equipped on all Forsaire furnaces. This turns off the unit in case the vent is blocked, protecting your family from carbon monoxide and fires.
* Optional Multi-room Heating
Supply an adjacent room with heat using the optional rear kit.
* Counterflow Blower System
The Forsaire furnace has a counterflow blower system that takes air from the ceiling and blows the warm air at the floor. This allows for the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the room.
* Safe Pilot Ignition
With matchless pilot ignition, the guess work is taken out of lighting the furnace. By sealing the pilot and igniter away from dirt and debris, the electronic igniter lights the furnace safely and reliably.


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