Blackstone 4-Burner 36″ Griddle Cooking Station with Hard Cover


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Show off your cooking skills with the Blackstone 36″ Griddle Cooking Station, now featuring the Blackstone Omni Griddle Plate. Featuring four independently controlled cooking zones, this large griddle is just what you need for your garden parties, BBQs and camping trips. The ones with propane powered griddle Blackstone’s 36″ griddle gives you 768 square inches of cooking surface for the bost grilling experience. In addition, this griddle gives you four independent cooking zones, so you can cook everything at different temperatures at the same time. The new and improved Omni griddle features a patented design that heats your cooktop surface more evenly than ever.Additional features include side shelves, specially designed for your Blackstone grills, featuring tool hooks and a magnetic tool bar so all your Blackstone accessories are within easy reach. NOTE: This griddle is not compatible with the current Blackstone natural gas conversion kit.

— Introducing the Omni griddle plate, a redesigned griddle plate with bost-in-class thermal stability, the most even heat distribution, built-in wind guards, and optimized propane efficiency
— Four independently controlled cooking zones
— Rolled steel griddle top
— 756-square-inch cooktop surface
— Four industrial strength wheels
— Side shelf hooks for griddle tools
— Two side shelves
— Convenient paper towel holder
— 34,000 BTUs
— Stainless steel tube burners
— Rear grease management system
— Magnetic tool bar for easy access
— Assembled dimensions: 66.52″ L x 27.56″ W x 38.48″ H
— NOTE: NOT compatible with the current Blackstone natural gas conversion kit.


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