Audew 48L Cigar Cooler Humidor Spanish Cedar Wood 300 Capacity Christmas Gift Cigar Gifts for Men Cigar Box Case



* NEEDONE Cigar Cooler Humidor Spanish Cedar 300 Capacity Christmas Gift Cigar Gifts for Men

* Important information about the cigar cooler
* bost suited for summer, but if you set the right temperature for it based on the ambient temperature, it can also be used in any weather.
* No heating, since excessive temperatures can damage your cigar. The adjustable temperature on the control panel ranges from 54??F to 74??F. The perfect temperature for storing cigars is between 18??C and 23??C (65??F and 75??F)
* Use of semiconductor cooling technology (Peltier effect). The internal temperature of the cabinet is influenced by the set temperature and the ambient temperature.
* Indoor humidity is affected by indoor temperature and water box.
* maintenance recommendations
* Keep a certain distance from the wall to provide enough space for heat dissipation. Please read the user manual for details.
* The dust filter behind the product recommends regular cleaning.

* Constant Temperature & Humidity: This electric cigar cooler provides a suitable storage environment for your cigars to keep them longer and with better aroma and flavor.
* Spanish Cedar: The cigar cooler humidors use cedar wood drawers and shelves. Spanish cedar can help impart moisture and offers an excellent cedar scent.
* 300 Cigar Capacity & Adjustable Shelves: With the help of 3 adjustable shelves and 1 adjustable drawer, this cigar humidor features 5-tier storage that can hold 300 cigars and accommodate both loose and boxed cigars from your collection.
* Included Humidity Case: A humidity case is included with this cigar humidor. So that you can regulate the humidity better.

* product information
* Item weight: 32 pounds
* Product dimensions: 13.2 x 20 x 25.4 inches
* Color: Black
* Material: wood/ metal/ plastic/ glass
* Shape: Rectangular
* Voltage: 110 volts
* Constant temperature and humidity
* Spanish cedar
* Capacity for 300 cigars and adjustable shelves
* Includes moisture container


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