6″ x 36″ Galvanized Class A Triple Wall Chimney Pipe


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Duravent’s DuraPlus chimneys are designed to keep the outside cool and deliver hot airflow inwards while increasing the efficiency of the stove. A three-walled chimney has two layers of insulation: ceramic ceiling and air space. Ceramic blanket insulation stays in place eliminating hot spots common with loose insulation. In the event of a creosote fire, the compressible insulation blanket allows the chimney liner to expand radially outward, providing a fire resistant design. The DuraPlus Chimney is a three-wall, all-fuel chimney for a wood-burning stove, fireplace, stove, boiler, range, stove, water heater, or other appliance that burns wood, oil, coal, or natural gas.
* UL approved HT103 rating for chimney fire up to 2100 degrees
* Safe, triple-wall design
* 6″ inner diameter
* Perfect for any wood stove with a 6″ flue
* Features 1/2″ insulation blanket


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