6 in 1 Snow Brush & Snow Shovel for Car, Ice Scraper for Car Windshield and 42″ Extendable Snow Broom with Squeegee


42 inch

Foam Grip and 270° Pivoting Snow Brush Head Snow Removal for Car SUV Truck

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It includes a snow brush with rubber squeegee, double sided ice scraper, snow shovel, D-shaped handle, retractable grip and a handy storage bag that can solve all the troubles that users encounter when traveling in winter.

Made of thick aluminum alloy and ABS material, the snow brush and snow shovel are not only ergonomically designed, but also have two characteristics of high load-bearing and high cold-resistance, which ensures that the snow brush and shovel will not bend or break, and can be used for a long time, accompanying you through several winters. The grip is also equipped with anti-slip and anti-freeze EVA foam for a comfortable grip.

The sturdy ice scraper has two different shoveling surfaces for different snow removal scenarios. Circular Arc Shovel Surface – Snow Removal, fits the curvature of the window glass, making snow removal easier and more thorough. Shaved Ice Tooth – Ice Breaking, aids in clearing ice from car windows, specialized for hard ice, and is a capable ice crusher.

The 270-degree rotating snow brush head with 31.5-42-inch retractable grip can be used in a wide range of cars, crossovers, pickups and trucks to remove snow from their roofs, windshields and hoods in a quick and dead-end 360-degree manner, saving time and effort. And the front snow shovel with iron bar can easily shovel away excessive thick snow around the car and driveway, solving the traveling problems caused by snow accumulation.

The back of the ice scraper can be used to crush ice and the front end is used to easily remove ice away without causing any damage to your car. The snow brush’s encrypted nylon bristles and the soft silicone-made scraper at the top won’t scratch your car’s paint when brushing snow or removing water.


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